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Corporate Organic Marketing
 Catapult Program

Driving Corporate Growth through Organic Marketing Strategies:
Leveraging the Power of Social Networking through Blogging, Video, Speaking, Story Telling, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and Mobile Marketing

Visionary Leadership:

Bold leaders in today’s recessionary times don’t sit idly by waiting for conditions to change.  They continuously seek ways to seize the advantage while others sleep or retreat in the face of a recession.  Winning companies are discovering that industry recognition and visionary leadership represent a strategic competitive advantage that creates shareholder value and drives revenue.  That recognition and vision can be leveraged through organic marketing initiatives to drive accelerated growth for a company. When effectively implemented, organic marketing can cost effectively generate leads, reduce marketing expenditures, improve user experience, and drive brand awareness. 

The tools Corporate Warriors provides seem simple, but our expertise in the development and implementation of the tools is extraordinary.  They include a thought leadership blog, video development, publication of leadership articles, and speaking engagements.  Other elements of the organic marketing mix include Linkedin, Facebook, Tweeter, and mobile apps that can be added to the scope of services.  While we have all heard of these tools, very few companies know how to implement them effectively.  Their efforts fail.
The Value Proposition:  100% Money Back Guarantee

Corporate Warriors is a turnkey solution for organic marketing.  We do not “consult.”  We “implement.”  Most organizations have made an attempt at implementing some type of organic marketing or social networking solutions.  All most all fail.  Organic marketing is a science unto itself.  We know what to do and how to do it. 

If you have a corporate blog, ask yourself if you have made any of the following mistakes:

  • Mistake Number 1.  Your blog is part of your corporate website.
  • Mistake Number 2.  Your blog is focused on company products, services, events, and marketing activities.
  • Mistake Number 3.  Your blog has several authors, or your blog posts do not even show an author.

These mistakes represent just one small example of how companies fail to properly implement organic marketing strategies.  We will implement an organic marketing turnkey solution for you, and guarantee its success.

Strategic Initiatives:

Leadership Blog. 
Blogging has become a staple of the internet community.  From family blogs to corporate blogs, they cover just about every topic imaginable.  But rarely do corporate blogs generate the traffic and create a community that is necessary to drive revenue.  Corporate Warriors knows how to achieve that result. 

Caution:  developing a simplistic free blog or an internal corporate blog will be counter productive.  If you do not know how to implement the subtleties of building a successful blog, then your site will languish forever with zero traction.  Internet search engines look at corporate blogs as nothing more than a sales pitch.  Topic blogs address everything from politics to sports to hobbies and are viewed as social rather than visionary.   With the exception of a small number of professional bloggers, few companies, web masters, or marketing managers understand how to develop and achieve corporate objectives using blog content, strategies, and technologies. 

Corporate Warriors gets it.  We know how to establish a corporate blog that will drive growth for your organization.   Here is what we will deliver:

  • Assigned to an “Corporate Recognition Coach.”
  • Development of a world class Leadership Authority Blog
  • Guaranteed publication of articles in leading internet business sites
  • Training from a professional speaker in how to secure free and fee speaking engagements
  • Contemporary graphics design for your authority blog.  You will have a design customized to your specifications.  It will not be used by anyone else.
  • SEO and SEM to drive traffic
  • Training in how to build a community from your traffic
  • Features that set you apart from the casual blogger. 
  • Analytics on the growth of your blog
  • Intensive training on content generation
  • No cost conferencing capability to hold live events
  • Nationwide blog launch press release
  • Your own unique domain address.
  • Membership and participation in our Leaders Community with ongoing webinars and a Google group to share ideas, strategies, content, link exchanges and cross posts.  This is a Corporate Warriors exclusive.
  • In addition to webinar based training, you and representatives of your choice will receive one-on-one training.  We can also conduct private strategy sessions on establishing objectives and how to achieve them.

Publication of Leadership Articles.
  Getting published is easy if you know the tips and tricks.  We will guide you in selecting article content, preparing bio statement, submission to key publications, and guaranteed publication in major internet business sites.

Speaking Engagements and Enhanced Presentation Skills:
  We will assist you in developing a list of presentation topics and show you how to generate speaking engagements that you will video tape.  We will edit your presentation and then put a 3-minute take on the numerous internet video sites so that visitors can see and hear you articulate your leadership and vision.  We will also train you in powerful presentation skills to knock-the-socks off an audience, whether it is an in-person presentation or an online webinar.

Web Conferencing and Webinar Marketing Solution:  You will be provided a web conferencing solution at no cost through our sister organization, Cool Conference Live.  This will enable you to conduct webinars with the specific intent of building a community.  (Note: Many companies have tried webinars to generate leads.  Most fail.  We know how to make them successful). You will also be able to sell your products or services through our exclusive Webinar Marketing Solution.

Enhanced Social Networking Initiatives:  We can add strategies to our turnkey solution at your option including Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Mobile applications.

The Investment:

Your investment in our Corporate Catapult Program varies depending on the number of people from your company involved in the project, plus initial and ongoing training requirements, editing of content, and implementation hours.  A project fee will be determined after initial discussion and establishment of scope of services.  Our fees are extremely low cost because we have created a turnkey solution.  For venture capital firms, a discounted project fee can be negotiated for implementation in multiple portfolio companies.

100% Money Back Guarantee:

After six months, if your company is not totally satisfied with the Corporate Catapult Program, then you will receive a 100% refund provided the company follows the Corporate Warriors guidelines for success.

Please Contact Us for More Information.

Don Straits, CEO
Corporate Warriors
Phone: 530-889-9988