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"I wanted to pass along another ‘real world’ comment from a VP of Worldwide Sales... In his words, ‘your online resume has been the buzz of this company.’ Great endorsement for you..." - MK, Fair Oaks, California

"My Executive Portfolio was my best search investment. More than one retained recruiter put me on their ‘short list’ without an interview after viewing it." - BD, Long Island, New York

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Executive Portfolios

Capturing the attention of recruiters and hiring executives is a challenge, even for the most courageous of knights in armor. Competition for the best positions is intense. It is indeed a battle and there are no prizes for second place.

Corporate Warriors builds world class executive portfolios for their clients. The portfolios include video clip introductions, tables and charts, in depth accomplishment summaries and executive insight statements that separate you apart from your competition. They are one-of-a-kind world wide and have received industry acclaim from corporate decision makers, human resource leaders, talent managers and executive recruiters.

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Here are just a few reaons why our Executive Portfolios outperform the conventional resume and can be viewed by thousands of recruiters and corporate decision makers:

  1. Your executive resume portfolio with video clip is optimized for search engines and our database. It will be viewed by thousands of recruiters and corporate decision makers.
  2. Our content, format, integration and distribution strategies dramatically improve your “hit rate” for job opportunities.
  3. Through your own personal portfolio URL, you can instantaneously present your credentials and video introduction to decision makers worldwide.
  4. You will have created your personal branding initiative to set you apart from other job seekers. You will be more likely to be sought out rather than seeking a position. You will position yourself to become the standard by which all others are measured.

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