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Linkedin Profiles Are Boring!

You probably have several hundred connections on your LinkedIn® .....and read many more.  Do they put you to sleep?  Do you remember anything compelling about any of them?  Of all your connections, how many profiles do you remember?  That's right.  None, Nada, Zip.

Wouldn't you like to have all of your contacts remember you? Have them contact you for job opportunities or leads for your business? Be the standard by which all others are measured? Be sought out? Watch this!

Video Resume Explosion: A Career Industry Perspective

I am a member of Career Directors International CDI, an outstanding organization of professional resume writers and career coaches.  Today I wrote a post for their members addressing Google's announcement of launching a Video Resume Site.   In many circles, video resumes are misunderstood, but they are the wave of the future.  I have copied my post to CDI below.  It is provocative and controversial.  My intent is to motivate and serve the careers industry.  I wanted to share this post with the general public so that they can better understand the role of video resumes in the new career paradigm.  I welcome your comments.

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Building an Internet Presence: A Story of Failure and a Story of Vision

WOW, I have gotten some great stories, feedback and questions on my last post titled:  Today’s Executive, Tomorrow’s Walmart Greeter

 Building a world class presence on the internet is not easy.  It embodies numerous elements that few people understand. 

 Developing an authority blog is just one small piece of the total puzzle, but it is a key component.  You can have a 12-year old build a blog for you, but driving traffic and building a community is an extraordinary challenge.  In subsequent posts, we will touch on other issues in building an internet presence, and why, too often, the efforts fail.  Today we will focus on building corporate or personal blogs.

 Probably only about a 1000 people in the nation understand the intricacies.  Almost all blogs are failures including personal blogs and corporate blogs.  Even blogs at Fortune 500 companies are failures.  World class webmasters, CTO’s, marketing leaders and SEO experts don’t understand the subtleties behind driving a successful blog.  It is a world unto itself…..

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Corporate Warriors featured in an Associated Press Article

I was recently interviewed by the AP for an article on video resumes.  On Monday the article was sent out over the AP Wire and is being picked up around the globe.  Very Cool.   The first publication to run it was the New York Times in their business section.

Check it out:  Video Resumes:  AP Article in NY Times

How to Build A Winning Resume-Portfolio

While it is important to have an outstanding one- or two- page resume, here is a next-generation strategy to help you in your job search: Create a world-class "executive portfolio" in addition to your resume.

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