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Great Article from the Wall Street Journal: No More Resumes

Good Morning,

 Just read this article by Rachel Silverman, that appeared in the Wall Street Journal last week.  I loved it.  It is a total reflection of what we do. 

 For senior executives, it is a new ball game.  If you don't adapt, you will face massive problems in driving your career.  If you fail to connect to a new leadership position, don't blame it on age or the economy.  You need to take a hard look at whether or not you are contemporary as a business leader and possess an in depth understanding of all the new business paradigms.

  Warning, almost every exec who lands a new job falls into a comfort zone and is not proactive in positioning themselves for new positions.  Are you one of those executives?   Are you waiting for the axe to fall again?  Don't make that mistake. 

 Your job search never, never, never stops....even if you are employed. 




Video Resume Explosion: A Career Industry Perspective

I am a member of Career Directors International CDI, an outstanding organization of professional resume writers and career coaches.  Today I wrote a post for their members addressing Google's announcement of launching a Video Resume Site.   In many circles, video resumes are misunderstood, but they are the wave of the future.  I have copied my post to CDI below.  It is provocative and controversial.  My intent is to motivate and serve the careers industry.  I wanted to share this post with the general public so that they can better understand the role of video resumes in the new career paradigm.  I welcome your comments.

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Sneak Peek of my Ladders Article and Importance of Advice for your Search

It is my sincere wish that 2009 will bring great things to you and your family. Even though 2008 has brought career challenges for many people, there are opportunities out there. You need to be in the right place at the right time and with the right message. If you are still in the job market, then Corporate Warriors can be the catalyst to make that happen.

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Out-of-the-Box Job Search Strategies

My vlog explores out-of-the-box strategies for driving your search. Today’s tough job market requires you create a unique competitive difference. This video and previous posts give you some insight on how to be different. Others videos are coming in the near future. This video was originally done for You Tube. I know it will get your creative juices flowing to give your search new direction. I wish you the best of success in your search.

How to Build A Winning Resume-Portfolio

While it is important to have an outstanding one- or two- page resume, here is a next-generation strategy to help you in your job search: Create a world-class "executive portfolio" in addition to your resume.

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