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Submit Linkedin Profile To Apply: We Don't Want Your Resume

Guaranteed anyone who might consider you for a position will view your LI profile.   LinkedIn is a platform for over 277 million  resumes and supporting documentation.  It is imperative your profile presents powerful insight into who you are and the value you can bring to an organization.  This short video addresses the shifting career paradigm and how you must adapt.  Would love your comments and feedback.

The Most Valuable LinkedIn Feature is the One That is Least Utilized

I always enjoying reading articles and posts about how to build and enhance your LinkedIn profile.  I read the information provided by so-called experts.  These experts conduct webinars, provide individual LI coaching, re-write profiles and offer never ending punditry on the pros and cons of various LinkedIn features.  Yet these experts, in my humble opinion, overlook, do not understand, or for some unknown reason refuse to recognize and extol the virtues of using rich media including videos, images, audio files, presentations and documents.   

I believe the most valuable of all the rich media options is videos.  If you are seeking advice or guidance on enhancing your profile from an "expert," you should first check his/her profile and see if they have incorporated rich media and, in particular, video clips.  But you don't need an expert to do this for you, with a modest amount of effort, you can do it yourself.

So I am going to jump right into the hot tub with my own punditry.  Here is a question for you:  How many of your connections have a "Welcome Video" on their profile?  My guess is that most of you answered zero, or perhaps one or two.  Yet incorporating a Welcome Video is a powerful way to capture the interest of your current and future connections.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

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Linkedin Profiles Are Boring!

You probably have several hundred connections on your LinkedIn® .....and read many more.  Do they put you to sleep?  Do you remember anything compelling about any of them?  Of all your connections, how many profiles do you remember?  That's right.  None, Nada, Zip.

Wouldn't you like to have all of your contacts remember you? Have them contact you for job opportunities or leads for your business? Be the standard by which all others are measured? Be sought out? Watch this!

Out of the Box Salary Negotiations 

This is a video I did about five years ago on Salary Negotiations.  It is on my YouTube channel, but it has never been shared with my LinkedIn groups.   The strategies are still relevant today.  It is just about 60 views short of 20,000, so I thought I would share it with everyone to push it over the top. Please comment with your salary negotiation experience.  What worked, what didn't?

There is No Such Thing as Age Discrimination (Part 2)

Welcome to Part Two of my video  on age discrimination.  There is a link in the video to Part One in case you missed it.   Would love your feedback on how age issues have impacted you and how you dealt with it.  Would also like your thoughts on employment and how our government is dealing with the challenges.