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How Branding Cost an Executive His Job

I enjoyed a long conversation with Ben Paramore a few days ago.  This is a talented executive who really understands today's new business and career paradigms.   He started building his brand about three years ago, and about a year ago he launched his blog.  He has had great success and has had many of his posts featured in major internet publications.  The problem is he didn't tell his boss.

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The Pope Gets It. Executives Don't. Mindboggling or Should that be Mind Blogging

I absolutely love this.  I just read a great article on how the Pope is telling his priests around the world to go forth and blog....become part of the contemporary generation and use social media to reach the masses with the messages from God.  Not only that, the Vatican has launched its own channel on You Tube.  So cool.  Way to go Pope.

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Executives Should Think Like Teenagers to Drive their Careers or Lead Organizations 

When I was a college professor, I used to conduct  creativity exercises with students, focus groups, and corporate leadership teams.  The exercise was simple.  I held up a paper click to the group.  I asked the participants to write down as many uses for the paperclip that they could possibly think of in a period of two minutes.  Two rules:  1. quantity was more important then quality and 2. don’t judge the merit of your idea.

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Paralysis by Analysis: The Challenge of Going from Being an Analytical to a Visionary Leader

Analytical thinkers represent a resource and value that is truly extraordinary to our society.  They encompass a wide variety of careers from accountants to auditors to actuaries to programmers to market research statisticians to research scientists and many others.  Their contributions to our society are priceless from sophisticated software programs to wonder drugs.  Every day we enjoy the benefits they have created without ever realizing where they came from.

As a career strategist, I never cease to admire their intelligence and focus.  When an analytical wants me to help guide their career into a leadership role, I face an enormous challenge.  Sometimes their greatest strengths become a liability in their attempt to transition to a leadership role.

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"What we have Here is a Failure to Communicate."

The title of this post comes directly from the movie "Cool Hand Luke."  It is a sentence that has become ingrained in our lexicon of language.  Its meaning is unfortunately pervasive throughout our society, and maybe, it is more pronounced in the fabric of our society than ever before.

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