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Why Senior Executives in the Job Market Should be Blogging: A Game Changer

Blogging? Nobody has time for that, right? Wrong! Blogging is single-handedly the most effective way to “syndicate” your skills, knowledge, and expertise. As a senior executive, a blog can put you on the fast track to the position you desire. Put yourself into the shoes of a key decision maker....swamped with traditional resumes listing accomplishments and accolades that are questionable at best.  However one candidate has a dynamic, thought-provoking blog that reflects their strategic thinking and proves that they are contemporary leaders within their industry. A blog adds an insurmountable value proposition to set yourself apart from all others. If you think it's a waste of time, one might ask, “How bad do you really want a job?” In this video I discuss the added value that blogs can bring to an executive job search. I would love your feedback on this topic.

Have Severance Package, Will Travel

You've lost your job, but you have received a great severance package, so there is no reason to worry.  You are a talented executive so you will be hired quickly.   But you need a break.  You have put in many years of hard work.  You would like to do some of things you have only dreamed about.  Dedicated family time, adventures around the globe, and just some time to relax.  So you are going to put off looking for a job for several months.  What you may not realize is just how difficult your search will be.  I don't begrudge you that time off, but at lease put in place a few tactics that can help make that time work for you, and give you a head start on your search.  Here are a couple of great ideas.

Great Article from the Wall Street Journal: No More Resumes

Good Morning,

 Just read this article by Rachel Silverman, that appeared in the Wall Street Journal last week.  I loved it.  It is a total reflection of what we do. 

 For senior executives, it is a new ball game.  If you don't adapt, you will face massive problems in driving your career.  If you fail to connect to a new leadership position, don't blame it on age or the economy.  You need to take a hard look at whether or not you are contemporary as a business leader and possess an in depth understanding of all the new business paradigms.

  Warning, almost every exec who lands a new job falls into a comfort zone and is not proactive in positioning themselves for new positions.  Are you one of those executives?   Are you waiting for the axe to fall again?  Don't make that mistake. 

 Your job search never, never, never stops....even if you are employed. 




Story of an Unemployed Executive - With a Hidden Message for Survival

Just read a story on AOL about a CEO of a small construction company. (Actually two stories...the original and her update).  Link at the end of the post. 

Even though she doesn't acknowledge it....or maybe even recognize it, within her stories there is a message for how to survive and find the next job.

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Digital Education for Senior Executives: Two Free Resources

Every week I speak to senior level executives who are looking to secure new challenging opportunities.  The overwhelming majority of them are facing extraordinary challenges.  They either can't secure interviews or if they do, they keep coming in second place.  While there may be many reasons they don't succeed, I have witnessed one overriding commonality.

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