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Submit Linkedin Profile To Apply: We Don't Want Your Resume

Guaranteed anyone who might consider you for a position will view your LI profile.   LinkedIn is a platform for over 277 million  resumes and supporting documentation.  It is imperative your profile presents powerful insight into who you are and the value you can bring to an organization.  This short video addresses the shifting career paradigm and how you must adapt.  Would love your comments and feedback.

Never Hire Anyone Over 30

Hello Everyone, 

I represent senior executives seeking new challenges.  When one of my clients is not hired, the feedback I get, more than any other factor, is that the candidate is out-of-date and out-of-touch. In my latest video, I compare the skills and traits of eager millennials against those of older executives. If you’re a senior executive that fits our description, analyze this matrix carefully.  There is a wealth of information in the matrix for senior execs.  While the humor is obvious, there are pearls of wisdom.  If you learn from what is in this matrix, your likelihood of landing a job just sky rocketed.

*The Matrix is listed below the video as an image.


Story of an Unemployed Executive - With a Hidden Message for Survival

Just read a story on AOL about a CEO of a small construction company. (Actually two stories...the original and her update).  Link at the end of the post. 

Even though she doesn't acknowledge it....or maybe even recognize it, within her stories there is a message for how to survive and find the next job.

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"What we have Here is a Failure to Communicate."

The title of this post comes directly from the movie "Cool Hand Luke."  It is a sentence that has become ingrained in our lexicon of language.  Its meaning is unfortunately pervasive throughout our society, and maybe, it is more pronounced in the fabric of our society than ever before.

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Ethics and Professionalism in the Recruiting Industry 2008

Carl Bradford, executive recruiter and principal of the Bradford Consulting Group, National Practice Director for The Adler Group as well as Certification Expert for Lou Adler’s Recruiting Method, conducted a comprehensive survey of job seekers in October of 2008. This was a very professional survey which compares and contrasts the way job seekers from different parts of the country perceive the ethics and professionalism of the recruitment industry. I asked Carl if I could share some of the results with other recruiters, job seekers and career industry professionals here. While the complete survey results are confidential, Carl graciously agreed to share an overview of the results with everyone.

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