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How To Destroy Your Network

We spend years developing our network through close personal contacts as well as digital contacts. But that which we spent years to build can be destroyed over night.
In this video, we examine seven classic mistakes that executives make with their networks. Would love your feedback on ideas to build your network and what kind of mistakes to avoid in destroying your network.

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Let's exam seven classic mistakes that executives make with their networks.

1.  Failure to Show Gratitude and Acknowledge Contributions.  A simple thank you or inexpensive gift can be priceless

2.  Critical of Everything.  Be positive and receptive.  But if you must disagree, agree to disagree agreeably.

3.  Not Listening.  Probably one of the best ways to destroy your network is the failure to show honest interest in your networks ideas, stories, or conversation.

4.  Promote or Pontificate about Religion, Politics or Sex.  It's OK if it is expected by your network. otherwise exercise extreme caution. In today's over kill on political correctness, guaranteed you will offend someone.

5.  Focused on Yourself rather than your Network.  You will turn-off your network if everything is about you.  Caution on self-promotion, selling and spamming.

6.  The Best Conversationalists are the Ones who say the Least.  Ask great questions and you will be recognized as a great conversationalist.

7.  Lack of Engagement.  If you ignore your networks comments, connections, and email messages, they will soon lose interest in you.  On a fairly regular basis, reach out to people in your network, either personally or collectively, to show your sincere interest in them.  Provide them with something that will make a difference in their lives.

So the care and feeding of your network is imperative to building great relationships that are mutually beneficial.  It takes time and considerable effort, but the return on your investment can be priceless.   Think very carefully about how you are interacting with you network, and make changes where necessary to create ties that bind.

Would love your feedback on ideas to build your network and what kind of mistakes to avoid in destroying your network.  Please hit your Like button if you enjoyed this post.   Have an awesome day.

Story of an Unemployed Executive - With a Hidden Message for Survival

Just read a story on AOL about a CEO of a small construction company. (Actually two stories...the original and her update).  Link at the end of the post. 

Even though she doesn't acknowledge it....or maybe even recognize it, within her stories there is a message for how to survive and find the next job.

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Digital Education for Senior Executives: Two Free Resources

Every week I speak to senior level executives who are looking to secure new challenging opportunities.  The overwhelming majority of them are facing extraordinary challenges.  They either can't secure interviews or if they do, they keep coming in second place.  While there may be many reasons they don't succeed, I have witnessed one overriding commonality.

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How Branding Cost an Executive His Job

I enjoyed a long conversation with Ben Paramore a few days ago.  This is a talented executive who really understands today's new business and career paradigms.   He started building his brand about three years ago, and about a year ago he launched his blog.  He has had great success and has had many of his posts featured in major internet publications.  The problem is he didn't tell his boss.

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The Pope Gets It. Executives Don't. Mindboggling or Should that be Mind Blogging

I absolutely love this.  I just read a great article on how the Pope is telling his priests around the world to go forth and blog....become part of the contemporary generation and use social media to reach the masses with the messages from God.  Not only that, the Vatican has launched its own channel on You Tube.  So cool.  Way to go Pope.

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