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Hostess Twinkies Are Back But The Jobs Are Not

13,000 jobs lost, fewer factories, lower wages, and no unions.  These are the circumstances that Hostess employees are faced with after the impact of the company's bankruptcy in November of 2012.  In this video, I discuss why Hostess is a symptom of  larger problems within  private sector businesses as well as government entities.  I also focus on the risks you face for employment as a result of these problems. I would enjoy any feedback that you may have on this topic.

For additional details on Hostess' employee wages, visit the following article:


Killer Tactics for Answering Tough Interview Questions

Most people are petrified with fear in anticipation of tough interview questions. The universal concern after a hiring interview is, "I wonder if I answered that question the right way." It is probably a mistake to do that…

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Peak Performers: In Search of the Best

How can we identify excellence? It is not easy, but it can be done. Let’s explore their inner beings. Let’s find out what makes them tick. What they have in common will help us in our search for the best.

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