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Submit Linkedin Profile To Apply: We Don't Want Your Resume

Guaranteed anyone who might consider you for a position will view your LI profile.   LinkedIn is a platform for over 277 million  resumes and supporting documentation.  It is imperative your profile presents powerful insight into who you are and the value you can bring to an organization.  This short video addresses the shifting career paradigm and how you must adapt.  Would love your comments and feedback.

The Mind, Body, & Business Connection - Infographic: Driving An Executive Search

Using a contemporary infographic to take on numerous executive job search challenges.  Fasten your seat belt, you are about to see a concept that is rarely applied to an executive level search.  But we have honed the concept to be an awesome asset to drive an executive's search. In this video, we showcase an executive, David Smith, and the parallels between sports/fitness and business success.
We have already gotten extraordinary feedback from recruiters and decision makers on infographics for our executives seeking new challenges.  We would love your feedback on this concept.
Below the embedded video is a text version of this video.

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How Branding Cost an Executive His Job

I enjoyed a long conversation with Ben Paramore a few days ago.  This is a talented executive who really understands today's new business and career paradigms.   He started building his brand about three years ago, and about a year ago he launched his blog.  He has had great success and has had many of his posts featured in major internet publications.  The problem is he didn't tell his boss.

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Building an Internet Presence: A Story of Failure and a Story of Vision

WOW, I have gotten some great stories, feedback and questions on my last post titled:  Today’s Executive, Tomorrow’s Walmart Greeter

 Building a world class presence on the internet is not easy.  It embodies numerous elements that few people understand. 

 Developing an authority blog is just one small piece of the total puzzle, but it is a key component.  You can have a 12-year old build a blog for you, but driving traffic and building a community is an extraordinary challenge.  In subsequent posts, we will touch on other issues in building an internet presence, and why, too often, the efforts fail.  Today we will focus on building corporate or personal blogs.

 Probably only about a 1000 people in the nation understand the intricacies.  Almost all blogs are failures including personal blogs and corporate blogs.  Even blogs at Fortune 500 companies are failures.  World class webmasters, CTO’s, marketing leaders and SEO experts don’t understand the subtleties behind driving a successful blog.  It is a world unto itself…..

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EMERGENCY ALERT: Many Executive Careers Will Be Coming to An Abrupt End

WOW, sounds like a hurricane warning.  Maybe a Fox News Alert announcing impending doom.  But trust me, this is real.  I have been in the leadership development arena for 18 years, and I have never seen anything like what is currently going on in the marketplace.

Regardless of your corporate position, whether you are currently a CEO or an emerging executive, you could find yourself without a career if you fail to heed my warning. I realize I have been hammering this in my blog over the past couple of weeks—but it is of such paramount importance I cannot emphasize it enough. I’ll warn you in advance, this is going to be a long post, but it just might save your career from certain peril….now and in the future.

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