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"I wanted to pass along another ‘real world’ comment from a VP of Worldwide Sales... In his words, ‘your online resume has been the buzz of this company.’ Great endorsement for you..." - MK, Fair Oaks, California

"My Executive Portfolio was my best search investment. More than one retained recruiter put me on their ‘short list’ without an interview after viewing it." - BD, Long Island, New York

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Executive Opportunities

Our ability to generate opportunities and provide world class executive coaching is second to none. Here is a brief overview our services:

Leadership Profiling and Strategic Planning:

Prior to initiating a job search, we conduct a rigorous analysis of the participant’s leadership and management strengths, personality traits, skill set, and accomplishments. The information uncovered during these private coaching sessions form the bulwark of the clients differentiation strategy. Following the assessment, a personal marketing plan is developed to target positions, industries or other career opportunities.

Credentials Development:

These services are not available from any other outplacement or career management firm. Instead of developing conventional, two-page resumes, we develop world-class executive portfolios to serve as credentials of distinction. Used in conjuction with our unique job positioning strategies consistently helps place people at the highest level, CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CIOs and department heads notwithstanding.

Connecting  to Opportunities:

Through our exclusive alliances with recruiters, VC's, PE's, board members, and corporate decision makers, we are able to open doors of opportunity that are not normally published. Because of our alliances and credentials of distinction, our clients are sought out for new challenges.

State-of-the-Art Multimedia Technologies:

On behalf of our clients, we implement numerous multimedia technologies to drive our client's search and establish them as a recognized authority. For example, we produce a portfolio video clip introduction, a Linkedin video welcome, and expertise videos to establish our client's credibility. We design a thought leadership blog, drive traffic to the blog, build a blog community to showcase our client's expertise. We also design infographics to visually demonstrate our client's leadership and value proposition (this is exclusive to Corporate Warriors services). Numerous other social media and multimedia technologies and strategies support our client's search.

Innovative Marketing Techniques and Lead Generation:

We advocate creative approaches to opening doors of opportunity. We have over thirty strategies for generating job leads in addition to our personal introductions.

Bold Interviewing Strategies:

We actually discourage "interviewing." We demonstrate how to create "business meeting environments" as opposed to the traditional interview approach, which can be intimidating and very one-sided.

Compensation and Salary Negotiations:

Comprehensive career guidance throughout the salary negotiation process.

Leadership Talent Showcase:

This is another Corporate Warrior's exclusive. Through our databases and using Linkedin's Inshare, our clients are showcased to recruiters, VC's, PE's, and corporate decision makers. Inshare enables us to disseminate the showcase throughout Linkedin groups, thereby enabling thousands of Linkedin members to view our client's portfolio. Our clients have the option of using a confidential portfolio or a public portfolio.



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